BRU PRO AUTO PRO - 26, 46 & 71 L


Advanced  BIAB System with Control Panel, PID Temp Control and Magnetic Drive Pump 

A table top BIAB system that offers automatic temperature control and recirculating  mash via robust magenetic drive pump. Compact storage - packs away into the stainless steel brewing vessel.


The constant recirculation of the wort through the mash for allows for maximim extraction efficiency and wort clarity. 



  • 26, 46 or 71 L SS kettle

  • Electric Control panel with PID

  • 1.5 " SS RTD temperature probe

  • 4 kW electric element

  • Stainless Steel false bottom

  • Magnetic drive pump

  • Hi-quality BIAB bag

  • BIAB bag pulley

  • Copper coil chiller

  • Food grade silicone hoses

  • Cam lock SS fittings

  • Water resistant plugs

  • Hop filter

Vessel with 4 kW element

Stainless steel false bottom

 Control Panel

BIAB Brew Bag 

Removable closed cell foam insulation

AutoPro User Manual  included 

Magnetic Drive Pump

Camlock Stainless Steel Fittings

2 : 1 bag lifting pulley system 

Hi heat, food grade silicone tubing

Stainless steel mesh hop stopper

Copper Wort Chiller