Chest Freezer

Any size chest freezer you require can be converted in to the perfect fermentation chamber with a temperature controler and  added collar to allow greater capacity

Insulated Collar on Chest Freezer

Insulated collar allows the stacking of fermenters for up to 9 x 25 L fementers in a 560 L chest freezer

Digital Temperature Controller

Digital temp controler keeps precise temps with cooling and heating circuits

  • Option of supplying your own fermentation chamber

  • Sizes from 2 x 25 L fermenters  to 9 x 25 L fermenters

  • Collar for extra height, painted and insulated with closed cell foam.

  • Collar flips up with lid for easy access to interior  

  • Digital Temperature Controller with heating and cooling circuits

  • Interior fan to evenly distribute cool and hot air around the fermenters

  • All wiring and connectors for plug-and-play ease of use

  • Can be supplied as knocked down kit for self assembly