EZ BRU SYSTEMS (Brew In A Basket)


Description: Strike water is heated in the single brewing vessel. The brew basket containing the crushed malt sits in this vessel for the duration of the mash at the target temperature. Temperature is regulated through the automatic PID temperature controller incorporated in the Bru Pro  Bru Pro MaxPro and X2 EZ BRU models. Sparging does not typically occur, but this can be accomplished.


Pro’s: Less expensive than 3 vessel systems, simplicity, small footprint, quicker brews and clean up.


Cons: Smaller batch sizes and arguably lower extraction efficiencies.


Bottom Line: The low cost and high simplicity makes this an excellent method for new brewers. Seasoned brewers will also appreciate the temp control technology incorporated into the Bru Pro AutoPro and MaxPro models


(Heat Exchanged Recirculating Mash System)

Smaller 160L Bru Pro HERMS.jpg

Description: Single tier 3 vessel system where the mash liquid is recirculated through a coil immersed in the hot liquor tank. Via the PID controller, the hot liquor tank temperature is used to automatically regulate the mash temperature.


Rationale: The immersed coil gently heats the mash, maintaining enzyme activity. Mash enzymes denature at temperatures around 76C, so this method provides added safety in comparison to a mash design which applies heat directly to the mash which can result in scorching.


Pro’s: Larger batch sizes, recirculation yields high clarity wort, rock steady mash temps, high extraction efficiencies, no wort scorching and repeatability. The single tier configuration negates need for ladders or platforms and puts everything at your finger tips. The 2 pumps allow for CIP (clean in place) cleaning and sanitizing.


Con’s: Higher cost and larger volumes may not suit all home brewers.


Bottom Line: Ready and able to do duty as a brewery for a small restaurant or brew pub, this is the system for passionate brewer who wants the most advanced system that offers absolute mash temp control, consistent repeatability and larger batch sizes.